Fes desert tour

Fes to Marrakech desert tour are the most chosen by clients due to the variety of attractions and landscapes. It is located in the middle of Morocco which allows it to be an easy and close point to many destinations around Morocco. During Fes desert tours you will be able to discover different cultures and attractions. Our 3 days and 2 days are almost the same itineraries, but the 4 gives more time and not rush to explore all landscapes.

With Morocco Vacation Tours you will be able to explore and experience the nearby attractions from Fes city. We have also multi-day trips from Fes when you have a short time in the city.

Fez medina is the greatest medieval city in the world. Its tangled network of lanes is home to extraordinary Islamic architecture — elaborate mosques, palaces, and madrasas.

 But it’s the magic of the everyday that enchants most: artisans hammering patterns into brass, donkeys ferrying sacks of spices between the souks, the waft of fresh mint tea drifting from a doorway. It may seem like a vision from Arabian Nights, but this is no fantasy — Fez is a living, a working city rather than one preserved largely for tourists, and it’s that character that makes it so bewitching.

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2 Days Fes to desert

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3 Days Fes to Marrakech

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4 Days Fes to Marrakech

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